Digital Sketchbook

June 26. 2017

illustration titled Paper app sketch 1.
illustration titled Paper app sketch 2.
illustration titled Paper app sketch 3.
illustration titled Paper Dreams-colour.
illustration titled Paper Dreams.

Paper Dreams
Sometimes drawing with non-traditional tools can break an artistic dry spell. Here I used an iPad app called Paper and drew this image without photo reference. I exported the final sketch to Photoshop where I worked on it using products from Retrosupply Co.


June 19. 2017

illustration titled Advice.

Slowly getting back into the groove of drawing. It's like I'm learning to draw all over again. This drawing is part of a stream in my head about friends helping each other. I did a similar drawing last week.
Drawing from my sketchbook and then processed on the computer using products from Mr. Retro.

Digital Sketchbook

June 12. 2017

illustration titled Coffee Consolation.

Coffee Consolation
Digital drawing using brushes from Kyle T. Webster and filters by Mr. Retro.


February 6. 2017

illustration titled Thin Blood.

Thin Blood
Drawn in my sketchbook with a busted wrist and coloured in Adobe Photoshop using brushes by Kyle T. Webster, then using the Photoshop plug-in, Spot Wash Dirt by Mr. Retro.


January 30. 2017

illustration titled Big Problem.

Big Problem
She decided to end the month by solving any lingering problems. This one might be a tough one.
Digital image drawn in Adobe Photoshop using brushes by Kyle T. Webster, then using my favourite Photoshop plug-in, Permanent Press by Mr. Retro.

Digital Sketchbook Movie

January 23. 2017

illustration titled: Black Cake

Black Cake
This image was inspired by listening to one of my favourite podcasts by The Kitchen Sisters. This particular episode was about Emily Dickinson's poetry and her baking.
Digital drawing on the iPad Pro using the Procreate for the pencils and inks. The retro look was done with the wonderful Printed iOS app.
I do the art first then export the photo to Printed. I then let the app do it's thing and bring it back to Procreate. Would love to know what you think.

Digital Sketchbook Movie

January 16. 2017

illustration titled: Diner Talk

Drawing with an iPad
Using one of my favourite drawing apps for iPad, Procreate, which feels like drawing on a real sketchbook. Procreate can export your drawing as a process movie. Directly underneath the video, you can see the final "remastered version".


January 9. 2017

illustration titled personal robot.

Personal Robot
You are so busy. Just bite the bullet and get one.


January 1. 2017

illustration of a fake retro ad.

Absolutely no risk! Yes please send for booklet. Here is a retro ad for you to start the new year.


January 1. 2017

illustration of a woman planning for the new year.

Yes, write it all down so you don't forget.

First Cup

January 1. 2017

photo of coffee cup next to an old clock.

Time To Wake Up
Welcome to January. A good time to play some music or simply clean up the house.